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The application of technology in stone processing of diamond wire saw

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The application of technology in stone processing of diamond wire saw

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1 Preface

In recent years, the diamond wire saw to the preparation time is short, flexible cutting, low noise, low dust, low pollution, energy, and other characteristics, in the stone industry has been widely used. Beaded rope itself with the diamond super rigid and ropes that increases the flexibility to adapt to such as quarry, this unique sawing mode is other diamond tools which can not be achieved; in addition, beaded rope in length almost without limit, so that to enhance its applicability, in some special occasions such as water processing, building demolition will play unique role. In order to promote the development of China's stone industry, the application of diamond wire and some experience are discussed, in order to provide reference for stone processing enterprises.


2 diamond wire saw and manufacturing

2.1 diamond wire saw

As shown in Figure 1 the structure of the wire. In a plurality of strands wire rope above according to the proportion of sheathed with a certain number of diamond particles and between adjacent beads by supporting fixing the isolation cover is divided (similar to the necklace). Diamond wire saw process is by directly involved in cutting with diamond beaded rope and drive movement of beaded rope corresponding mechanical equipment (i.e. wire saw machine) together to complete, before processing, using copper sets, such as docking sets will be a length of string bead wire end-to-end, form a closed circle. Processing, tensioning on the rope saw machine guide wheel group on the closed loop of string bead wire, in under the driving of the driving force of bead wire for high-speed movement, and by the motion of the bead grinding cutting.

The production process 2.2 diamond wire

(1) diamond

The diamond wire saw cutting invention to now, improvement of the bead production process has never stopped. The diamond manufacturing process or by electroplating method and hot pressing method, and the latter is dominant. Although Taiwan scholars use brazing method successfully brazed diamond, but has yet to achieve large-scale application. For using the three preparation process of diamond samples. The wear resistance of the sintered beads with high. Through adjust the matrix in the metal composition ratio or use different grade, size, concentration of diamond abrasive matrix wear rates and diamond abrasive wear speed control can be achieved to create with different a beaded edge height and space, in order to adapt to different material cutting. Compared with sintered beads, electroplating diamond production process is relatively simple, but also more conducive to the small diameter of beads. Due to the thin coating of diamond, matrix wear resistance is poor. The plating metal coating on diamond grinding particle control force Co., diamond abrasive easily fall in the early, so the overall performance is not as good as sintered beads, not suitable for cutting granite. It is mainly used for marble and other soft material cut cut.

(2) isolation sleeve

For a fixed distance and isolation sleeve fixed bead. At present, there are three kinds of isolation sets used in engineering. Spring washer type is the earliest use of the isolation sleeve. Due to the spring washer type isolation sets in the process of wear debris easily from beads, a spring, a gasket between the gap to enter and the rope saw under the action of bending motion of the wire rope of abrasion, resulting in beaded rope break failure. Especially when processing with higher quartz content, granite, due to the high hardness to quartz, the abrasion of wire rope quite serious. Therefore, the isolation sleeve applicable in cutting of soft material. Has been less used. In order to adapt to the need of cutting the high hardness material, the injection molding and injection type isolation sleeve is developed. Injection molding, plastic injection type isolation is set as spacer between beads to wear plastic and rubber. Between the bead and wire rope is completely filled with plastic, rubber, so as to avoid the debris into the bead and wire rope and abrasion of wire rope. It appears, the application scope is extended to make wire saw cutting granite high hardness materials. The injection are used most widely, and to pressure injection rubber isolation sets of string bead wire saw is mainly used to below zero degrees Celsius, compared with the cold area of stone mine. This is because the low temperature performance of rubber plastic ratio, at low temperatures can still maintain good flexibility and strength, not brittle.

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