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Track steel cord for thread to break the channel barriers

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Track steel cord for thread to break the channel barriers

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First, the prospect of prediction

1 user demand change forecast

Semi steel radial tire is mainly used for passenger cars and light trucks, and their performance requirements of steel cord slightly lower relative and by car and light truck industry development much faster than buses, trucks, construction machinery and heavy-duty truck. But at present, the steel cord industry has been overcapacity, the future of low level of steel cord competition will gradually increase, enterprises need to pay special attention to the cost of the control problem. All steel radial tire for heavy duty truck, of steel cord performance, strength, durability, resistance to corrosion of high demands, companies need to focus on R & D and manufacturing ability.


2 competitive landscape development forecast

The steel cord industry of our country present obvious double oligopoly competition, and the production capacity of other enterprises is still unable to compare with it. At present, Shandong's rapid expansion of production capacity, the future of Xingda and Jiangsu and Becca Pieter's competition will be more intense.

3 channel development and change forecast

Steel cord used for the production of radial tires, usually by the tire production enterprises focused on procurement, the future will not be a big change. Steel cord production enterprises to enter the supply chain of tire enterprises need a longer time efforts, and also pay more efforts to strengthen the relationship with the downstream tire enterprises.

4 overall development outlook and market opportunity analysis

Although the steel cord in China's development time is not very long, but in the past few years track steel cord industry development is very rapid, has long been realized. At present, the number of production enterprises in the steel cord industry is increasing rapidly, the space of the industry is limited, and the competition risks are increasing year by year.

Two, steel curtain line enterprise marketing strategy

Steel cord has a direct impact on the tire safety and durability, tyre production enterprises, suppliers of steel cord products quality and reliable degree has a strict requirements, access to supplier qualification process difficulties and trouble, many may be up to two or three years. But on the other hand, tire production enterprise to replace the supplier's cost is also very high, and may interfere with the normal production, so tire production enterprises generally establish closely matching relations with a small number of steel cord and once identified, generally not replacement.

Steel cord industry has relatively high channel barriers, can enter the tire production supplier channel relationship with company's product sales and profitability, need enterprise in channel construction and channel maintenance work, as soon as possible into the larger domestic tyre production enterprise suppliers.

Three, steel curtain line business investment strategy

In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the industry, steel cord enterprises should focus on strengthening the investment channels and technical aspects.

Technology is the important means that enterprises gain advantages in the competition, so steel cord enterprises should continue to improve production technology, to meet the needs of downstream tire and automotive industry and technology only can continuously improve to ensure that the enterprise in the leading position in the industry, so technology investment of enterprises is very important.

As competition continues to intensify, channels become more and more important. It is very important to establish a long-term cooperative relationship between the steel cord production enterprise and the radial tire production enterprise, which has a very important role in the enterprise's market share. In addition, with the increasing number of steel cord enterprises, enterprises should constantly improve the marketing network, looking for a reasonable agent to open up new markets.

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