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Track steel cord overall positive, there is a word on sales: up

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Track steel cord overall positive, there is a word on sales: up

Release date:2016-05-23 00:00 Source:http://www.zjg-zj.com Clicks:

London reported that so far, the tire industry's quarterly results for the global industry's performance has provided a powerful assessment. When all the pictures are mixed, there is a consistent signal, especially in the North American market, a sustained strength and obvious trade improvement in Europe. Although the news from South America is not ideal, car tire business in China business is surprisingly good. This is because national tire market because of overcapacity in the domestic and export tariffs applied pressure.


A good indicator is Michelin, the company announced the mixed first quarter performance: Sales of tyres for passenger car and light truck tires 4.3 percent increase, truck tires despite higher sales actually fell by 3%.

Three month before the might of 2016 the rest of the time have a leading role, Michelin prediction market will maintain the mixed state. It said that in the mature market for car tires, light truck tires, truck tires demand will continue to increase, while maintaining the relative balance of the new market trends.

More positive Hankook, it reported by in Europe, North America, the original factory goods, substitute goods market sales increased, operating profit with double-digit growth, Korean tyre manufacturer that in some extent, track steel cord for the market of high performance terminal increased attention and interests associated. Similarly, Goodyear reported the company for high-end products general requirements is relatively stable, group of flat tire number increased by 2%: this reflects the group's growth in the Asia Pacific region, mainly in Japan and China. Replacement and raw tire shipments have increased. Although sales declined 2%, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company announced first quarter operating profit growth of 29.5%. Similarly, the company's operating profit in the United States is growing rapidly, despite the decline in sales. But in the international world, the company said the adverse price portfolio and foreign exchange negative impact of loss. 2016 years ago, the mainland group tire sales in the first three months of the year has significantly improved compared with last year. Similarly, the German group to improve the rest of this year is expected by adjusting the annual pre tax profit from more than 10.5% to 11% or so to increase the group's expectations.


May 4, Cooper Tire -- first quarter sales grew 7.8 percent to $8 billion / net income from $21.1 million quickly grew to $30.6 million;

May 5th Rubber Avon - H1 group revenue increased by 5% to 84 million 200 thousand euros / operating profit increased by 6% to 11 million 400 thousand euros.

April 29th HANKOOK's first quarter sales increased by 9.4% to 1 billion 200 million euros / operating profit increased by 23.6% to 190 million euros;

April 29, tire first quarter sales increased 3% to 98 million 50 million euros / pre tax profits from 10.6% growth to 11.3%/ Rubber Group sales increased by 5%, including the currency impact / tire and rubber yield also increased.

April 29, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company in the first quarter sales fell 2% to 6 million to $50 million and operating profit increased 29.5% of /2016 $91 million in operating profits rate increased by 3.4% to 14%.

April 27, Goodyear's first quarter sales fell 8.3% to 3.6 billion $90 million and operating profit rose 8% to $4 billion to $19 million;

On April 20, Michelin first quarter net sales growth of 0.9% up to 50 million to 60 million euros / tyres for passenger car and light truck tire sales growth of 4.3% of $29 billion euros / truck tire sales fell 3 percent.

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