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Marble cutting rope saw

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Marble cutting rope saw

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  • Release time:2016/06/03
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Detailed introduction

   The scope of the marble cut wire saw

1 can cut all kinds of marble arc plate;

2 can cut all kinds of shapes of marble structure;

3 factory in shaping and cutting marble blocks;

Suitable for all kinds of plastic 4 segmentation and mining of marble blocks.

   Product features of marble cut wire saw

1 wire saw cutting efficiency, smooth and smooth cutting surface;

2 the number of broken wire rope is less, and the length of the cutting life is long;

3 small kerf sawing sawing, accurate, reliable, according to the different kinds of stone by different cutting process.


  The company produced marble cutting wire saw the use of domestic and foreign advanced technology, sophisticated technology, cost-effective, access to domestic and international markets. The company also undertake a variety of cutting rope saw production. Welcome calls from all walks of life at home and abroad!

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